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On today's show, we'll help you answer twovery important home insurance questions.

Do you have the right insurance plan and do youhave the right amount of insurance? If your home or lifestyle needs a little organizationalhelp, well, we found a way to make your life just a little easier.

Medical studies showthat complete darkness gives us the best chance for a restful sleep.

Coming up, we're aboutto show you how to create for yourself the perfect sleeping environment.

And we've gotTile Tips from the Pros.

This is the show all about you, your space, and your home.

We are Designing Spaces.


You've worked hard to be successful, and along the way taken on big responsibilities protectingyour family and your home and property.

One of the most important ways to protect whatyou've achieved is insurance, not only for your house but also the other structures onyour property, the renovations you've made, also your home's contents — your most valuedpossessions.

So the two most important questions to answer about your insurance are: Do youhave the right insurance plan? Do you have the right amount of insurance?Knowing whether you have the right insurance plan or the right amount of coverage, theseare really big questions.

What people need to do is find themselves an independent insuranceagent, one that has access to multiple carriers and multiple products that can help them tailortheir insurance solutions to their unique lifestyle.

Independent agents are trained and licensed in the complexities of insurance.

I think most consumers would understand to not take on the task of building their ownhome or trying to do their own electrical wiring.

They would outsource that to someonewho was trained and certified.

The same is true of insurance.

It's complex, and gettingthe decision wrong has dire consequences.

If your home suffered serious damage or evenworse a total loss, do you know if you have adequate insurance to repair or replace it?Would it replace everything in your home? The EncompassOne Elite Package stands apartin addressing these concerns.

The property location limit is where insurance plans start.

Standard policies base your coverage on a percentage of the value of your home, referredto in the insurance industry as the dwelling limit.

Typically, your policy is separatedinto home, other structures, possessions, and for additional living expenses, each withset limits.

For example, if you started with a standard policy of $400,000 on the house,the usual limit of coverage on other structures is 10% of the dwelling limit, 70% for thecontents, and 20% for additional living expenses, for a total coverage of $800,000.

For people with more complex insurance needs, what they really need is a simplified approachto protection.

The EncompassOne Package Policy offers that.

It's one single annual packagepolicy for your home, auto, and liability sold through one independent agent.

For example, with an EncompassOne Elite Policy, you would be covered for up to double thewritten value of the house, up to $800,000, enough to cover the improvements and upgrades,other structures, personal property, and contents.

There would be no sub limits for other structuresor type of property.

If you experience a tragic event that makes your home unlivable, to whatlevel will your additional living expenses to house and feed your family be covered?What most people overlook or don't understand about additional living expense coverage isthat under most policies it is limited in both terms of time and money.

Most large lossesassociated with property occur in large scale events such as large storms, wild fires, ortornadoes.

In those instances, it can take 6, 12, 18 months in some cases just to receivepermits to clear debris and begin the rebuilding process.

And that can cause someone to becompletely out of this coverage by the time they need it.

With the EncompassOne ElitePackage Policy, we will reimburse you for your additional living expenses unbound bytime.

One of the most common home calamities isthe dreaded flooded basement due to water or sewer backup.

In many parts of the country people have basements, and many of these people finish these basementsup and put a lot of money into them.

Many homeowner products limit coverage for waterbackup in sewers and drains, in some cases, as low as $5,000 to $10,000.

In those instances,people could be out tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket.

With the EncompassOne ElitePackage Policy, water backup in sewers and drains is covered up to the property locationlimit.

In other words, two times the replacement cost value of the home.

Of course, all policies have deductibles; the out of pocket costs you have to pay yourselfbefore insurance kicks in.

Many standard policies will apply separate deductibles.

An EncompassOnePolicy is again innovative.

You only pay one deductible in the event several types of propertyare effected by the same loss like a fire damaging both your home and car.

A standard approach to insurance is to write separate policies for your home, auto, andliability, each of which have their own deductible.

With the EncompassOne Elite Package Policy,in the event of a loss, where your home and autos were damaged, you would pay one deductibleinstead of multiple deductibles.

The only way to protect your lifestyle withan EncompassOne Policy is to speak to an independent insurance agent to help make sure you're sufficientlycovered.

For more information about an EncompassOne Elite Policy, visit EncompassInsurance.

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Hi, I'm Interior Designer, Kalyn Rothaus.

I'm all about designing functional and fabulousworkspaces.

One of the most important rooms is the employee break room and kitchen.

That'swhy designing a fully functional kitchen here was important.

But now that the kitchen isinstalled we need to get it organized before everyone moves in.

Why am I so concerned aboutgetting this kitchen organized? Well, you should see the kitchen in the old building.

It seems everyone just tossed things into drawers and cabinets, probably because wedidn't have any organization in the drawers to begin with.

To help get this kitchen organized,I've called in an expert.

I've called Amy Lipper from Lipper International, which isa company that's been helping organize kitchens since 1963.

Amy, I'm so happy you're hereto help us get this space organized.

It's great to be here.

Thank you so much.

So, let's first talk about drawer organization.

So tell me what you'vebrought today.

We have an expandable drawer organizer.

Andthis shifts back and forth to allow different spaces and bamboo stacking drawers to fitall your flat wear and your utensils and tools.

And then we also have spaces for tools andgadgets which can go in different spots.

I love that this is adjustable, that I canput the tools in the front.

Either side.



This is great.

So you put more in front.

This drawer is alittle shallower than most drawers.

Very often you can turn it around and take the full advantageof the expandability.

Another way to organize your drawers is drawer dividers.

These canput it in any way.

You could even put a couple more in.

We have some tools.

You could put,obviously, very long tools — BBQ tools — in here.

Could be kitchen towels or napkins,plastic wrap, wax paper.

This could be any number of things.

We also have some ramekinswhich you might use, a favorite mixing bowl, another bowl that might come in handy, andagain you can change the sizes of these divisions.

You could put in things like flashlights ortools.

Anything you want handy to use, and you could divide it a couple more times ifyou chose to.

This is a great solution for a junk drawer,a drawer where it really needs some division.

I mean, there's so much stuff you keep inyour kitchen.

This is a great solution.


So, let's talk a little bit more about upper cabinets.

What sort of solutions do you havefor organization in cabinets? Well, we have a corner shelf and as you cansee there's different size plates in here.

And this is made of solid bamboo.

We havean expandable shelf, which can be used for any form of jars.

And what's this material? This is cork and it's over bamboo.

It's oversolid bamboo.

So it's cork and bamboo which of course is very green.

And this one is so great because you have all the different levels and you'll be ableto read all the labels on your spices.

So that just makes it so much easier.

And then up here you have an item to hold your single serve coffee cups, and this holdsabout 45 cups and keeps it out of the way and very convenient.

Amy, this is a really big coffee drinking company, so I'm excited for you to show meabout this product for storage and organization of coffee pots.

So tell me a little bit aboutthis one.

Well, as you can see, we have a single servecoffee machine on tap, and the drawer glides out easily, and the great thing is that thewhole machine moves forward so that when you have to put the water in an then when youhave to put your single serve pot in… It doesn't bang into your counter top.

I alwayshave to move my machine forward.

It moves very easily, and then of course whenyou're done you just move everything back and you have easy access to the drawer whichagain glides out easily.

You know, we've made a lot of progress inthis kitchen today.

And thank you so much, Amy, for all of your organizational expertiseand help.

Oh, you're very welcome.

And it's just a littlebit of what we have to offer with Storage Solutions.

And you can find much more of whatwe do on LipperInternational.


And we'll also refer you to stores and websites whereour products are available.

Amy, thank you again for all of your help.

You've really made this space so much more organized and a lot easier.

For more information,or if you'd like to watch this segment again, please visit us at DesigningSpaces.



The proper design of a room for a good restfulnight's sleep requires one very important ingredient, darkness.

Medical studies showthat a very dark room offers the best night's sleep.

The smallest amount of light is a signalto the brain that it's time to wake up.

Today, we showcase a way to design beautiful newwindow treatments that provide this critical component of an optimal sleeping environment.

Rock-lon 100% Blackout blocks out 100% of the light.

People can hang 100% blackout intheir rooms for a restful rejuvenating night's sleep, and it can benefit anyone from in nurseriesto the elderly to shift workers.

It can provide that restful rejuvenating sleep for anyonethat needs it at any time of the day.

Sleep is critical to your physical health.

While you sleep, your body repairs your heart and blood vessels.

Government studies haveshown sleep deficiency can be linked to increased risks of heart disease, kidney disease, highblood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Lack of sleep can contribute to traffic accidentsand job related injuries.

It makes it harder to control your emotions and affects yourdecision making and problem solving abilities.

A quality night's sleep is crucial for yourevery day life.

Hotels want to offer the 100% blackout liningsto their business travelers so that they can be assured that they're going to get a deeprestful rejuvenating sleep.

It certainly helps business travelers who are trying to smoothout the demands of a hectic work schedule at the same time that they are dealing withtime zone changes and just a lack of familiarity with the bedroom that they're sleeping in.

Rockland Blackout products are used in the most prestigious hotels around the world includingthe Ritz-Carlton, The Hilton, Marriott, and that's both domestically and expands to allcountries all around the world.

Rockland Industries, a family owned business,is the world premier producer of blackout fabrics and assorted linings.

Rockland is a family owned company whose production is made right here in the United States inBamberg, South Carolina.

Rockland invented blackout in 1963, and Rocklandoffers the same quality and large selection of affordable fabrics to consumers and homeowners.

So Rockland can be used in the home in a variety of different ways.

We have our all-in-oneblackout that doubles as a beautiful face fabric and also 100% blackout lining.

So thatcould be hung on the window for a decorative feel but also that 100% blackout benefits.

We have a range of just plain blackout linings so that if you love your face fabric, youcan just put our blackout linings right behind it and be able to keep the integrity of yourhome but also have that 100% blackout benefits.

Rockland's wide variety of blackout fabricsand lining materials are available at fabric and craft stores, both major and independent,nationwide with hundreds of colors and textures for beautiful light-blocking creations.

Rockland offers an entire array of different colors and styles of fabrics that offer boththe blackout functionality but can meet any customer's desired style.

Rockland is availableto the average consumer through Jo-Ann Fabrics, Walmart, Hobby Lobby.

They can even go onlineto amazon.


There's many different options for customers to be able to access these fabrics.

This is a do-it-yourself project that will result in an exceptional window treatment,provides additional thermal and sound insulation, bring health benefits, and while you're atit reduce your energy bills.

The blackout drapery linings offer the insulationbenefit of blocking out heat in the summer and cold in the winter, and those savingsreally do add up.

I've personally found as a Baltimore Cityresident, that it's beneficial to have Rockland in my own windows to help block out the excessnoise or the busy activities and any excess city lights.

I can also tell you that as a migraine sufferer, there's nothing more welcome than being ableto retreat to the dark quiet environment of a bedroom that's covered with blackout 100%drapery linings.

A quiet dark room means a deeper, healthier,more rejuvenating sleep.

Good design in this room is a beautiful blackout window treatment.

For more information about Rockland Industry's extensive line of blackout fabrics and linings,go to Rock-Lon.

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Hi and welcome to The Tile Shop, Tips From The Pros Video Series.

My name is Michael, and today we're going to talk about tile cutting.

Why do you needto cut tile? Well, every single job you have, you're going to have to cut some kind of tile,whether it be to the edge, an angle, or whatever.

So the two ways we've got here is a scoreand snap and the wet saw.

Now a wet saw can cut anything.

You can cut glass, you can cutporcelain, cut ceramic, cut stone.

And when you cut glass, you are going to get some chipping.

That's why we use the score and snap.

The score and snap is great for the ceramic andfor the glass tile.

But the glass tile gives you a nice clean edge.

But the ceramic tile,it's just easier and quicker.

So, let's show you.

Put the ceramic tile.

You simply scoreit and snap it.

Very nice, clean, straight edge, and fast.

Now with the glass tile, thisis when the score and snap really comes in handy.

Again, simply score it and snap.

Nice,clean, straight edge.

Now for your porcelains and your stones, you're going to need a wetsaw.

With the wet saw, we offer The Beast by Lackmond.

With this, a couple features,you have a plunge option.

Simply unscrew, raise it up, bring your tile in, and plungestraight down.

This is nice when you need to get into the tile to cut without startingfrom the edge.

Let's say you need a cut an angle.

With The Beast here you've got twolights on the front here that you're able to adjust to set it at 22.

5 and 45 degrees.

When you need to cut an angle, it could be coming to an edge of the wall or anythingwhere you need to make that rounded edge.

Simply loosen and tilt.

Now when you're cutting,the first thing you want to do is put a piece of tape over your stone or your porcelain.

It's going to make it a lot easier for you to put your line and follow it through.

Setyour guide, turn it on, let the water run, take it at a nice even pace through.

Let'sgive it a shot.

(machine working).

Simply turn it off when you're backing it out and your tile is cut.

Now for more insulation,tips, and tricks, pleases go to TheTileShop.

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