BoConcept interior design case – An urban Berlin apartment

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I'm Jessie Weiss My husband and I live in Berlin, Johan has been almost a year I very Nordic style home wind and I like to try different things However, still retain the classic elements Because often have to travel around a quiet and comfortable home, especially important for me I can relax and rest And Alexandra cooperation BoConcept is a fabulous experience When Jessie came to us, she hopes to make the home more orderly We will use this high cabinet, to solve housing problems In desk, I recommend her desk Cupertino And we put it in the middle of the room a result, will be able to appreciate its design from all angles The desk right in the middle I was absolutely unexpected Such decoration is very points! Jessie and Johan to the store the day we just sat on the sofa to discuss Cenova After they sit, and feel very comfortable Finally, and bring it home The end result, we are very satisfied with the really beyond imagination!.

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