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Welcome to my channel.

I'm going to bed, but decided why not stay in a quick video for you.

I do not for a long time, just a few days ago bought a few things from home decor.

I actually live in a half-empty house.

Half of his project, I usually change my mind and it turns out that I just spent a lot of money and time and I do not like it.

I get tired of the same style very quickly.

Finally decided that I want to style, and bought a couple of things, I do not hurry yourself is now.

that's what I got.

Absolutely love these coasters that I bought in the store HomeGoods I am obsessed with white marble is now.

All in white marble, I want immediately.

I take a little time to think, "Do I really need this thing?" And then I realize, "Oh, I really do not need it.

Okay, bye.

" This whole set of 4eh cost about $ 4 or $ 7.

These artificial peonies I TAKE the acquired HomeGoods I do not like real flowers.

I just hate to look after them.

I love these flowers on so much that when it comes their time to die, I almost cry with grief.

So I like artificial lights more.

It just keeps my world.

Just bought the organizer for toilet paper He holds 3 extra roll, and here comes the main roll.

I love all brilliant I make a glamorous, shiny decor, but I want so as to add a little of the serious, heavy element.

This fall season, I plan to decorate all neutral colors, gray, gold.

It is a white marble.

Very heavy and cost only $ 16.

99 Beautiful scented candle.

Creme brulee.

I love her.

Very suitable for my decor.

That's what I usually do.

I'm going to Zgallerie, look, take ideas and go to HomeGoods.

She found a huge, beautiful picture Zgallerie But it cost $ 700, and I'm not ready right now to pay so much for a painting I'm so in love with her.

I went in and found HomeGoods here this picture.

I'll try to show you.

It is very very similar to the one that I saw in Zgallerie.

The only thing is that in the picture was a little Zgallerie brilliant and I think she can do these sequins.

because I very much liked the shiny effect.

Also in Zgallerie I bought this artificial greens I'm glad that it is artificial.

I do not have to worry about it.

On discount I bought this beautiful box Inside this container fragrant stones a very strong flavor and reminds me some perfume.

And the last.

She took it into the shop BedBathandBeyond.

3 pieces of fragrant upakovochek that you can put anywhere you want.

In the car, in the vacuum cleaning bag in the trash, cabinets, gift packaging, toilets, or where you keep your own towels.

Wherever you want a fresh scent.

I hope you enjoyed this quick short haul.

Most likely I will shoot many more of these, as I am now decorate your home.

I can even accept a gift of "decorating with me" or something like that.

If you like this, you put your fingers up Comment your thoughts, what you liked most in this video.

I will now probably go to sleep I will not handle today.

Thanks for being with me.

Everyone is.

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