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hey guys so today Ihave a little bit of a decor haul so I bought some new things within the last few weeks and I wanted them share with you guys so most of the stuff is room decor things and my room is almost finished and I'msuper excited about it.

I do have one living room decor piece that I wanted toshare with you guys.

if you follow me on Twitter you have already seen this, and I am unbelievablyexcited about it so Iets just get started.

So Im going to start with the living room piece that I got so I got a new coach and Idon't know if I've shown you guys my other coach that I had You might have seen it in my videos orsomething just like a quick glimpse of it.

but basically Taylorand I got a couch and chair set for free when we first moved in from a familyfriend and it was an 80's blue multicolored couch I'll insert a picture of the chairthat we had because that's the only picture I have it but it was, it was super comfortable but itwas such an eye sore, it hurt me physically to like look at it so I was on the look out for a new couch justbecause I really wanted everything to be put together in my living room and look theway I wanted it to but obviously I didn't want to spend a lot of money since Im a student.

and I actually ended up finding my couchon a Facebook page that I follow so I mentioned them in my past decor haul videos but I basically follow a lot of differentFacebook pages in my town that people go on to sell their thingsand I am so in love with it.

Its a really small couch it kinda a cream color and it pulls out into a queen-size bed which I thought was perfect we do have a single bed in my room that we use as the guest bed when people come over but whenever my whole family comesover Its definitely not enough space for everyone to sleep so I thought getting a pull-out couch bed-thing would be perfect I'm just in love with how my living room looks with my couch right now I'm super excited about it.

everything else I got for my bedroom so thefirst thing I got was a throw blanket and I am obsessed with throws.

Taylor thinks I have a problem.

but this throw I got at homesense, and its a really pretty peachy pink color.

It adds a nice pop of colour into my room since its a little bitbrighter than everything else in there and it has little tassels on it and its knitted.

it's just so comfortable and fuzzy everything else I got was basically tohang up on my walls.

I wanted some kinda art gallery, wall print decor, on my wall because my wall is so empty so Im going to be having a DIY video on that hopefully within the next few weeks The first piece that I got was this really nice black and white I dont know what this is called, um, thingy.

I just really love the look ofblack and white and vintage.

I love the lady in the picture I think she looks absolutely beautiful.

I love her hat, I am seriously in love with the car she's driving.

I love vintagecars, they're my favorite thing in the world so I thought this was perfect and this was on sale for eleven dollars Im not sure how much It was originally because that's covered up but I thought this was perfect and it's a really nice size too.

So that print was from Homesense, and this one I'm about to show you is from Winners so I think in the states they're actuallycalled HomeGoods and Marshalls but it's pretty much like the same company but this print I am in love with becauseI love the pop of color that it has it has a green background and it has thisbeautiful phone.

I've always wanted to own one of these phones I think they're so sick and I love that its pink because then it goes with my room and then at the bottom it just says Ijust called to say I love you which I thought was kinda cute so this is really perfect it'll definitelygo with my room and that whole like vintage kind of vibe.

This next thing I'm gonna show you guysis probably the coolest thing I've ever seen in my whole entire life.

my mom Iwent shopping at I'm not sure what it actually called.

Aflea market or an antique store but its in my town and we just decided togo and I found it this and I'm over the moon excited about it but it's basically a vintage magazine from 1926, from Montreal the date is December 1926.

They actuallyhad a few of these at that antique store but I just picked up this one.

I think the lady is so so beautiful.

its very veryworn, theres tape right here on the side and the pagesare all crumbled a little bit I just think it's so cool on the insideand they have like some color and mostly its black and white drawings and the cool thing about it was this onewas the first one that I saw and my grandma who passed away before I got to meet her, she was actually born December 1926 so I thought that was kinda cool and I felt really connected to her.

Alright so that was everything I got.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this small decor haul.

I hopeyou guys have an awesome day I love you very very much and I'll talk to you soon.


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