Tyler The Creators Best Sneaker Styles Vogue

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The cover of Tyler, the Creator s new album, Flower Boy, depicts Tyler, his face obscured by a bumblebee the size of his head, in a field of sunflowers. The sky, a burnt orange and deep red, holds space for fluffy clouds and other whizzing bees. Bumblebees, which Tyler is clearly interested in as of late, are .Spring s new wardrobe is light in spirit, high on impact, and radiating with optimism and good cheer. Kendall Jenner goes wheels up alongside musicians Tyler, The Creator far right and Travis “Taco” Bennett center right . Jenner wears a Tyler wears Golf Wang and Converse shoes $ throughout..Known for his flamboyant style, offbeat sense of humor, and razor sharp lyrics, Tyler, the Creator s debut fashion show in Los Angeles was bound to be a Finallywith the help of Kanye Westcame the big reveal of the night a new shoe line called Golf Le Fleur, and a free pair for every ticket holder .